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Review : The best exotic Marigold Hotel

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a coming to age film which shows the after-effects of seven Britishers who come ...
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Prachi Dee 03

#ghoomophirosisters Sojourn with Everest Base Camp

It’s easy to find the itineraries and guides to the base camp easily, each explaining how the journey is not ...
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Into the Wild with Bagheera’s camp!!

Address- Kameshwarjee Road, Raghunathpura 306126, India How to get there: It is about 160 km long ride from Udaipur by road.  The ...
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Why Dhanak is a must watch for traveller in you?

Dhanak was a refreshing and vibrant movie that set the bar high for conventional Bollywood movies. The story of a ...
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In Conversation with Padmaja Rathore

There are rare times when you come across some rare people who are not only an inspiration to you, but ...
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8-mountaineering-movies to get your heart pumping

No one just climbs a mountain with no preparation. Every mountaineering enthusiast prepares and explores all paths and researchers about ...
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